The journey is a reoccurring theme in Bredahls work. Along the way it also deals with the cycle of life: birth, death and rebirth. Her style is naïve and humorous but is characterized by remarkable fragility as well. She moves between reality and fiction in drawings, collages, sculptures, installations, photos and artist’s books. In spite of the wide range of media everything seem related. Over the years specific motifs have evolved and followed her. Many of the same elements are repeated and combined in new ways from work to work. There is for instance a small male doll wearing a “brickstone blouse”, ostriches, the head of an excavated stone age elk etc. At first glance it might all seem rather strange or enigmatic. Yet, these figures or symbols have their own place in Bredahl’s artistic world of imagination that expands ordinary perception. Represented in 3-dimensional works as well as drawings, collages and books they transgress and unite different media. By doing so the topics that Bredahl repeatedly examines such as the journey, transformation and cycle of life are reflected and acted out on different levels.

Gitte Broeng.