wandering figurines drawings

wandering figurines collage

Continually transporting themselves in and out of various work, from first an existence as physical wooden objects, these wandering figurines tour the world of photos, drawings and collages, moving effortlessly between the material realm of the real into that of imaginings and representation, even stepping into or out of work by other artists. In the collage: Road Findings. From Holløse to Ørby. From Vibe to Agnete 2010, we see several wandering figurines together with other of her wellknown characters. Composed from colourful scraps of discarded paper and set against a pre-painted and characteristically orange-coloured background, the collage is a direct reference and homage to similar work by artist Agnete Bille Therkildsen (1900-1993), once a resident of Ørby, situated just a few kilometres from Bredahl’s hometown Holløse. On her walks to and from Ørby, Bredahl has found and collected bits and pieces of paper litter, the very same we see transformed into wandering figurines in this collage. 

– Gitte Broeng*