The first Mappings piece, from 2000, was presented in the form of a book, with rectangular pages to be torn out and placed together at random, a mysterious cartographic journey of 144 individual drawings made with the blue ink of humble Bic-pens. In 2008, a new Mappings project consisted of 828 drawings made with red ink, here in the format of ordinary playing cards, where the motifs are multiplied and transformed throughout on a journey where Venice, Cairo and Brazil are easily recognized. The next Mappings, from 2007, now with 63 individual drawings, was all executed in green pencil, and Mappings from 2011 became a collection of 24 drawings, all completed in black ink. All four Mapping projects have in common that when their respective formats are placed together, similar to a puzzle, in a layout of 1.80 x 1.80 m, the various individual drawings, which make up each piece, form a complete ‘map’, an all-embracing image.

– Poul Pilgaard Johnsen, Gitte Broeng*